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Sorgerune is about seeing, feeling and creating music in a wide sense. From the steps of a child, the waves against the sand, to a classical symphony going through the engines of a machine: even the silence can be musical.

Sorgerune was founded by the musicologist and philosopher Alejandro Pardo. Coming from a family of opera singers and marrying a techno DJ in Berlin made him a music lover open for all radio channels.

Our compositions combine natural with synthesized, literature with perfumes, cinema with tastes in a synaesthesical process. Are you looking for a song that matches your product or a soundtrack for a movie? Feel free to ask us and we will design a musical answer for it.

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About this site

This site contains the first piece of a series of audiovisual objects product of an ongoing collaboration between Jocabola & Sorgerune.

Their work focuses on the creation of real-time pieces for live performance and exhibition. Constantly exploring relationships between sound and visual composition; aiming at creating mesmerising and immersive abstract experiences.

For more information or requests, please contact Jocabola or Sorgerune.

Selected Work

Doblesol - 2012
Soundscape for the website of DobleSol's debut publication, a catalan translation of David Lindsay's “A voyage to Arcturus” by David Armengou.

Ain't nothing but a movie - 2010
Soundtrack composition of web special for Halloween edition of Granta Magazine.

Cell Flot Splash - 2010
Layered soundtrack composition, Canal Retina & Jocabola.

Jocabola splash / 404 - 2010
Soundtrack composition for holding & 404 page of Jocabola.

Paris - 2009
Soundtrack of the experimental film from Carlos Vasquez and Rodolfo Ramirez

Odisea Emprende - 2008
Sound design for a videogame in a pedagogical project by the government of Extremadura.

Gilgamesh Project - 2006
Sound installation at the Galerie Strom in Berlin for the Gilgamesh Project. A reflection of the figure of Gilgamesh.

Wegschaden - 2004
Compositions between poetry and Electronic in a postmodern pop culture.

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